Veterinarian in Westport MA
Veterinarian in Westport MA

965 Sanford Road, Westport, MA 02790 • PH (508) 636-8382 • Fax (508) 636-7199

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Veterinary in Westport MA
Veterinary Services in Westport MA
Veterinary Laser Surgery in Westport MA
advanced dental care, cardiology, alternative medicine and nutraceutical therapies
Veterinary Dentistry in Westport MA

Canine and Feline Veterinary Services

Acoaxet Veterinary Hospital in Westport MA

General Veterinary Medical Services

We provide comprehensive annual wellness programs, routine and advanced surgical procedures, preventative and advanced dental care, cardiology, alternative medicine and nutraceutical therapies, ultrasound and endoscopic procedures and diagnostics, the latest and safest anethestics and delivery systems with comprehensive anesthesia monitoring equipment for every patient and an in-house diagnostic laboratory with the latest and most modern equipment.

We are one of a few area hospitals offering state of the art laser surgery which lessens post-operative pain, reduces blood loss and leads to a quicker recovery. We also offer Companion Class IV Laser Therapy as a powerful tool in providing additional relief of pain and swelling of surgical sites, wounds and a variety of other conditions.


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