Veterinarian in Westport MA
Veterinarian in Westport MA

965 Sanford Road, Westport, MA 02790 • PH (508) 636-8382 • Fax (508) 636-7199

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Veterinary in Westport MA
Charles H. Schor, DVM

Charles Schor, Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic, Westport, MA 02790

Veterinarian at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic, Westport, MA 02790

Charles H. Schor, DVM

Charles H. Schor, DVM

  • Graduate of Oklahoma State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, 1984
  • Member of Massachusetts and Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Associations
  • Member of the American Veterinary Dental Society
  • Member of the Veterinary Surgical Laser Society
  • Member of the American Animal Hospital Association [AAHA]
  • Past-President of the Rhode Island Veterinary Medication Association
  • Past-Board Member of the Rhode Island State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Dr. Schor is currently in a mentored dentistry program leading to a specialty in veterinary dentistry. As owner of Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Schor has been caring for pets here since his purchase in 1991. Dr. Schor shares his home with his wife, Sara, adorable daughter Jenna, and his handsome orange cat, Jack.

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