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Veterinarian in Westport MA

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Veterinary in Westport MA
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Tips and Information on How to Brush your Pet's Teeth

Dog and Cat Teeth Brushing


Tooth brushing is the single most effective means of removing plaque from the visible surface of the tooth.  When you brush your pet’s teeth, initially the goal is to make the brushing experience a positive one.  To accomplish this you need to gradually introduce your finger or toothbrush into your pet’s mouth for short periods of time and give a strong reward immediately afterwards.  This desensitization process must be repeated over and over again.

How to brush your cat’s teeth

Cats can be trained to tolerate brushing of their teeth. The overall process is called desensitization by behavior modification. First thing is to start early if you can as kittens are much more likely to allow this invasion of their privacy. If you need to start as an adult then you need to find a strong reward!!! The trick for cats is to introduce your finger or a small device such as a Q-tip for only a short (1-3 seconds) period of time immediately followed by the strong reward. A favorite flavor on the Q-tip or finger would be ideal. This needs to be repeated many times before anything significant can be accomplished in removing plaque. If you overwhelm the cat by being too aggressive all will be lost. If you can get your cat to accept something in its mouth you have come a long way. This is going to require patience and persistence on your part!

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