Veterinarian in Westport MA
Veterinarian in Westport MA

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Veterinary in Westport MA
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Denise and Ed Micale

"A very heartfelt thank you to Marissa and Dr. Schor for their compassion and expert care yesterday when we had our beloved dog Libby euthanized. Our hearts are broken but we are comforted that Libby received the very best, gentle attention and comfort in her final moments with us."

Wendy Goldberg

"Thank you so much for the wonderful, compassionate care you gave to my Weimaraner Max, and to the ongoing care of Oscar my GSP. The entire staff is simply the best. I am so lucky to have access to such a great veterinary clinic."

Chris and Martha Waitkun

"Thank You so much for the outstanding care that you gave to our dog Oliver. We were very fortunate to be directed to you for treatment and expert care."

Tracy Vale

"Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic is filled with amazingly talented doctors and a support staff full of compassion and kindness. They genuinely love the animals that come to them! From saving our dog after he ingested Gorilla Glue to dental surgeries to simple maintenance appointments, we have had the very best care at Acoaxet!"

Kelley Cooper

"You can not ask for better vet care. Kind and compassionate care means so much. From the thoughtful notes when our dogs passed away to the quick care when one of our golden girls had a paw injury. It means so much. Thank you."

Tiffany and Josh

"We have been driving 30 miles to Acoaxet to see Dr. Schor for 6 years and 3 dogs. We could not ask for better, more compasionate care from him and his staff. We cannot thank them enough and will continue to recommend Acoaxet without hesitation to everyone."

Sarah Coughlin

"My angel dog - Rosie is a 13 year old Spaniel. She is beautiful and the sweetest little thing in the world. Dr. Grossi is the most wonderful vet in the world! She has kept my Rosie healthy and beautiful! Rosie receives a better exam then I ever have! Dr. Grossi even sat on the floor with Rosie to see if she would eat her new presciption food since she is very picky! How great is that! Dr. Grossi has taught me many things and I am VERY appreciative! Rosie says "Woof!" And Dr. Schorr has kept her teeth in her mouth! "Woof!" The rest of the staff has also been wonderful! Thank you!"

Leslie Wilson

"My husband and I were lucky to be referred to Dr. Grossi to help my senior golden retriever with cancer. She has been able to treat our dog and give her a quality fun filled life. We were lucky to have known Dr.Grossi previously at another location when my goldens were puppies and she by her close examinations discovered a heart condition for my male golden that lead to heart surgery, which gave him 11 wonderful years."

Baby's Mom

"My 1st encounter with Acoaxet Clinic was through my sweet Dog - Baby she was a Pet Therapy dog. She worked several years with handicapped children and adults in the greater Fall River area. Baby had cancer and I connected up with Dr.Grossi. I met her just before she came to Acoaxet and was happy to follow her to recieve treatment for my beloved dog, Baby. Baby life was extended for a year and a half due to the fine treatment she recived from Dr. Grossi, for that "extra time " I shall aways be greatful. Baby, I love you and miss you everyday. Love xoxo Mom"

George Reuther

"Unfortunately my last encounter with Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic was a sad occasion. I had to have my 15 year old family pet euthanized because she was suffering in her old age. However, I can't speak high enough about the compassion and care that were administered to both my pet and myself during a very difficult time. Thank you again."

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